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Jimmy Choo inspired Bow Sandals

Jasmine Chandler

So a couple of months ago, I was in Nordstrom browsing around and I noticed these GORGEOUS bone colored Jimmy Choo bow sandals. I turned the shoe over and saw the price tag of $975. I examined the shoe more closely and told me boyfriend who was with me that “I could do that”. Looking at it it was nothing more than bow made out of horsehair braid arranged on to the shoe. So I took my phone out and took a few detailed shots of the shoe.


I had a wedding coming up and I knew that this would be the perfect shoe for the event. The only thing I couldn’t decide on what color I wanted to make them.

So I started to do an online search for strappy heels and horsehair braid. Eventually I found the perfect pair of shoes from NastyGal and I went on Etsy to order some matching horsehair braid, the color similar to the initial shoe. I even went as far as getting bias tape to cover the ends of the braid.


I played around with the horsehair braid to get the desired fullness of my bow and added the satin bias tape to the raw ends of the braid. I used E6000 glue to attach them, however I do believe the original Jimmy Choo’s were stitched on (I guess that’s what you get for the price).

Final look.

Final look.